Actualee is a totally feminine brand, where the undisputed protagonists are definitely their dresses, haute couture masterpieces suitable for your special occasions and for your events... Suits, flowing dresses and precious fabrics, this is Actualee.

  • AKEP


    AKEP is today an iconic brand of Italian women's knitwear, with a recognizable and characterful stylistic project that sees quality, product knowledge and creative identity as its real strong points. Over the years, the brand has made its made-in-Italy artisan supply chain, from concept to finished product, a true calling card of excellence.



    Alysi: in accordance with the tradition of “ Made in Italy” the attention to details and the accurate manufacture procedures ensure that even the simplest and most essential of the items have a special feel. Constant research and innovation, this is the approach for the making of every single collection. Curiosity without border is the essence of our work. Contemporary, eclectic and refined, the woman who chooses Alysi knows how transform into sophisticated even the metropolitan daily routine.



    Beatrice.b is a prêt-à-porter brand owned by Plissé Group, a fashion house that for more than thirty years has pursued beauty through an excellent Made in Italy supply chain, attention to details and the study of new artisanal manufacturing processes.



    Blast-Off is an Italian based brand with a multidisciplinary yet unconventional approach. We are driven to create timeless designs by portraying a unique aesthetic. Attention to detail combined with an eclectic use of materials and custom-developed fabrics. To inspire future generations through a dynamic lifestyle which is unmistakably our own. No fear. No regret. Act.



    For almost 30 years we have been proud to be alongside all women, following the changes and evolution of the world, currently reaching more than 90 countries. Our passion is to develop shoes that bring sophistication and versatility, as well as,  influences from the world's leading fashion trends. Inspired by the universe of art, architecture and the ideas of contemporary culture, every year we create more than a thousand new models, which are divided into different collections.



    Cecconello is synonymous with design and style. The quality of the materials and the commitment to sustainability are the mission of the brand. Cecconello delivers animal-friendly shoes to its consumers, without the use of animal raw materials, with a different style and design.

  • Dè HART

    Dè HART

    The De'Hart woman wants to be at the center of the world while maintaining her own identity!



    Essentiel Antwerp stands for refreshing, offbeat & luxurious fashion, renowned for its graphic or floral prints and trendy mixes of color. The rich and unique collections are designed to provoke an emotional response.

  • GEGÈ


    Created for fearless females, Glamorous girls aren't afraid to make and break the fashion rules.

    We believe fashion should be individual and accessible.  Using innovative fabrics, exciting prints and beautiful silhouettes we offer must-wear styles at affordable prices Our expert design team travels the globe to discover emerging trends that define the season.



    From the partnership between Dream Project spa, a solid reality in the fashion world, and the Rodriguez brothers, the HINNOMINATE project was born, a new loungewear collection for men and women.

    From the union of these synergies the new line comes to life, which fully reflects the taste and style of Belen, Cecilia and Jeremias, an expression of comfort and freedom of movement.

    The inspiration for this new collection comes directly from the style of American celebrities who have always loved to wear comfortable yet cool clothes in their free time.



    Hunter is a technical collection designed for outdoor activities in both rural and urban areas. Built on principles of protection, intelligence and craftsmanship, the collection draws on Hunter's heritage of pioneering design to create advanced boots for those who demand excellence in all weather and terrain.



    Born in 2019, from the need to create feminine and modern trousers, with a vintage touch and a rock soul, it is a colorful and fun brand. It presents clothing items that are removed from the fashions of the moment, to stand out from the crowd. The hallmark of the brand is the uniqueness of each garment, made special by precious and cool embroideries, applications and sophisticated and exclusive prints.

  • INSPIRED by Akep


    Jeffrey Campbell is an independent shoe brand that pushes the boundaries of contemporary style. Based in Los Angeles, the company's intimate team reacts to the feelings and inspirations of their peers. With the hope to empower individuals through progressive silhouettes and achievable looks, the JC mission is to make bold footwear for everyone at an accessible price. Working towards a more inclusive and relatable future. Jeffrey Campbell strives to reflect the beauty in all body types, ages, ethnicities, and gender



    Kurt Geiger has an inclusive and creative vision fueled by kindness. No matter where you are in the world, we encourage our customers to be true to themselves and confident, the London way. This is who we are, what we stand for and the things that bring us together.



    Maison Hotel aims to resurrect the bohemian heyday when foreign-accented hippies lived in old farmhouses, lounged in the sun and danced the night away in bare feet at full-moon parties in 'Ibiza Bohemia'. Far from fashion, the collections are inspired by vintage treasure hunts that follow in the footsteps of the eclectic "Flower Power" movement of the 60s and 70s.

    Authentic tie-dye, authentic screen printing and delicate embroideries are developed by craftsmen with patience and care; the slight imperfections a representation of the manual nature of the crafting involved. Growing from a handful of boutiques, Maison Hotel has gained a dedicated following through the support of retailers across Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.



    La femminilità come valore da esaltare, è stata da sempre l’essenza del brand di beachwear animato dalla volontà di far risplendere la bellezza di ogni donna con costumi eleganti, seducenti e raffinati.

  • NEO by London
  • NIKE
  • NINA27
  • RÓHE


    Róhe is an Amsterdam-based brand, design studio and atelier. The label explores contemporary shapes through distinct design elements and precise craftsmanship. The collections are defined by its rewritten definition of tailoring and the continuous reinvention of wardrobe classics. Inspired by Italian high-quality fabrics and materials, Róhe is marked by its signature design, innovation and clear DNA.

    A world that encompasses more than just fashion, a world where craftsmanship, objects and collaborations meet.



    The Steve Madden brand is inspired by the streets. Steve always says, "Sidewalks are my runway." New York is therefore the perfect base. Here Steve is constantly inspired by new trends, rock and roll vibes and a large dose of urban touches. Our brand is about being unique and confident. We embrace individuality with bold styles, eye-popping heels, but always that cheeky, sexy edge.

  • UGG


    It started in 1978, when Australian surfer Brian Smith moved to Southern California with a dream. Designing a product unlike any other from his favorite material – sheepskin – the Classic Boot was born. By the mid 80s, UGG became a symbol of SoCal beach culture, gaining momentum through surf shops from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Adopted by the fashion elite and then the world, the brand has since expanded beyond

    the icon to design footwear, apparel, accessories, and homeware with an uncompromising attitude toward creativity, quality, and craftsmanship.

  • UnLace


    A brand that was born with the idea of bringing the real MADE IN ITALY back to where it deserves to be. We are committed day after day, season after season to supplying the market with quality products at an affordable price.



    A metropolitan woman. A new style born from contamination.

    From a vision free from geographical boundaries, a new style is born. A style of integrated expression and evolved streetwear have adapted the archetype to universal couture. The Weili Zheng woman faces the urban world with the sweetness and strength that comes from the past; she is a modern traveler who faces all obstacles using the power of color, not taking herself too seriously but determined to smile in the face of reality.